Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | November 19, 2011


If you rule out dessert, there aren’t many foods that can’t be made better without the addition of garlic. Perhaps I should have called this “Why I Will Never Be or Date a Vampire.” Nope, no sparkly guys for me! I’m just home from dinner out (yay! I didn’t have to shop for it, cook it or clean it up!) at a Portuguese restaurant and garlic seems to be the seasoning of choice. Bread came with a dipping oil that had a mound of chopped garlic and parsley in it, chicken empanadas had garlic in there, as did the fish stew and the chicken with spinach, mushrooms and cheese. All of it was good and some of it came home to be good tomorrow. I also had two big glasses of wine, so, I think I’m just going to the gratitude and challenge and stopping there because my fingers aren’t cooperating and I’m thinking of other things to do and I don’t know all of you well enough to write about what I’m thinking about.

So, gratitude is for not having to cook and garlic and seasonings that make good food even better.

Challenge was, I forget, wait here, I’ll go look. Oh, right, I can’t do it yet which is why I forgot what it was. You go do it and I’ll watch. Get a good neck, torso, and back stretch by doing yoga’s cat-cow pose 5 times. That would be the get on your hands and knees and arch your back and drop your head and then drop your back and lift your head kind of stretch. Have fun, I’m going to bed!



  1. I adore garlic. One of my favorite ways to just HAVE it is to toast a nice hearty piece of bread, while that’s happening you are peeling a clove (those are what the small bits off the big hunk’s called right?) and the minute the toast pops up start applying/smearing/spreading the garlic on to the bread. It will melt like butter! You can do other things with the bread, but at that point, I just eat it.

    Are you SURE you don’t know us well enough to share those other wine-induced thoughts and ideas here?! 😉

    (I got right up and did the stretches. See? We so need to take a class together.)

    • First chance I’ve had to catch up all day. Wasn’t Sunday supposed to be a day of rest?

      I wish we could take a class together. It is so much easier to go when there’s a buddy waiting for you and can be there to commiserate when you’re all moaning and groaning.

  2. If garlic in your diet will keep away sparkly vamps I am all for it. Especially since sparkly vamps stalk girls 100 years younger than they are, which is creepy as shit.

    • There’s a LOT of creepy as shit stuff in those books, and I’m talking about the relationships, not the vampire/werewolf stuff.

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