Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | November 14, 2011

I love you, but . . .

I’m not sure if I’ll be keeping up with this in any meaningful way for the next two days. I was going to write something last night, all about our interconnectedness (dang, that’s a long word!) and that it takes strength and courage to ask for help and I can’t remember what all else because having Kady the devil dog run away just eradicated all possibility of rational thought. The man drove all around the neighborhood calling and looking and the boy child and I climbed over old wire fences, fought through brambles and hiked across fields in pursuit of the animal. That dog can run like the wind. Boy child and I came back finally and spent a while picking the burrs off our clothes before showering to wash off any poison ivy and ticks we had picked up. Then we went driving some more. Then after making dinner, I decided to call Animal Control who told me someone had called in with a dog that sounded like ours. An extremely nice woman named Susan found Kady playing with her three dogs and brought her in. She was limping very badly last night, but seemed just fine today. The gray hairs, they are multiplying fast.

Today, I got a partial report on our well test which said it has coliform bacteria in it, but not fecal coliform. So I called the health department to find out what exactly that meant, and it sounds like we need to have someone come check out our system to make sure it is all sealed properly and to bleach the heck out of it. Oil in the backyard, trees cut down, well having problems. Okay, universe, what next?

I’ve got a meeting to run tonight, one I have to do the minutes for on Tuesday night, and one on Wednesday night in which they all look at me like I’ve got the answers and I don’t. I’ve got a reception I’m helping host on Saturday, two pumpkin pies to make for Saturday, and two meetings on Sunday. My head hurts.

So here’s yesterday and today’s challenges: Check your cutting boards for deep nicks and cuts because bacteria can get caught in there. And, put your fork down between bites at one meal today. All of my meals involved spoons today, not forks, but I suppose I can substitute spoon for fork.

Today’s gratitude: That while I am grateful to be capable of doing all the shit I supposed to be doing this week, I’m also grateful that most of the involvement will end in a few months because I’m getting tired of it all.



  1. You are having a rough time of it, Karen. Sorry to hear that.
    Turn it all over to the universe and trust that all will right itself. Hardest to do when you’re suffering, I know. But seriously, it works. Also, find all of the positives, like you got the dog back, the bacteria isn’t the worst kind, etc. then give thanks and release them.
    Big hugs.

    • Thanks, Robena. I’m feeling a little nibbled to death by ducks, but you’re right. All of the problems are fixable, the dog came back and is okay, everyone is healthy and doing fine, so nothing really major is a problem, it’s just a piling up of smaller issues right now. And I’m just venting a bit!


  3. …. and no one died. šŸ˜›

    No, seriously (well, that was sort of serious too), we all need to vent. Blogs are great for that, also
    we need to gather some FGBVs from time to time and recharge too. So, FGBVs to you, apply as needed.
    (Been there, ran those meetings, lived to tell the tale [still have the crown and plaque to prove it]. They put faith in you because you CAN do, even though I didn’t realize I could/wanted to at the time either.)

    • Thank you. And, well, no one died, YET. The week’s not over! Check with me next Monday! Hope the health has improved at your abode.

  4. Ugh. That is one rotten week. FGBVs to you and I’m glad Kady came back.

  5. FGBVs! Kady is back; may this be an omen for further good news!

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