Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | November 9, 2011

blood letting and teeth cleaning

I started my day at 5:50 like usual, up with the kidlets, setting out breakfast, packing lunches, yada, yada, and walked kidlets to the bus stop. BUT, I didn’t get any breakfast. Do you understand what happens to me when I don’t get to eat breakfast? Evil, evil things. Do you remember when the mild mannered guy turned into the Incredible Hulk? My transformation is internal, but no less impressive. This is what happens when you need to have your blood work done for your physical and they can’t get you in before 8:45. I really, truly don’t understand how people can go without breakfast. I could easily skip dinner and not miss it, but breakfast? You have got to be kidding!

So the vampire nurse, Julie, who is the only one who can find my vein in one try, sucked my blood out and regaled me with her storm saga. She has four kids, two football players, two cheerleaders and a husband. On the Saturday of the epic storm, she had loaded the dishwasher, filled the washing machine, filled the dryer and sorted her husband’s clothes who had just come home from being away for a week and the power went out. For a week.

After that I took myself out to breakfast and had a fabulous omelet with tomatoes, spinach and feta here: This is Baker’s Treat, a bakery/cafe that donates 100% of their profits to women recovering from alcohol and substance abuse. Seriously, go to the website and click on bakery and scroll down to see some of the truly awesome cakes they have made. They also will employ women in recovery so that they can learn some marketable skills, like making incredibly yummy and gorgeous cakes. This is a German chocolate one we got for the girl child for her 8th grade graduation: They also have brownies, and blondies, and cookies and scones, and croissants and little tarts and I try very, very hard not to drool when I’m in there.

So then, having eaten and returned to my normal charming self, I ran a few errands, came home and had a long conversation with Mom. For some reason we haven’t been able to have a satisfying conversation for a while so it was nice to get all caught up.

Then off to the dentist for a cleaning in which the hygienist and dentist both said my teeth look great. Yippee!!!

Which leads directly into today’s gratitude – thank you for teeth that need no dental work! Because I hate with a deep and abiding passion having crap done to my teeth.

And today’s challenge was back to the physical: Stand with one foot at the bottom of the stairs and one foot on the first stair. Lift up the lower foot into a knee lift and place it back down. Repeat up to 10 times, then switch and do it with the other foot. More fun when you make little grunting noises and the dog looks at you funny.



  1. Oh oh oh, I’ve been away and missed so much! You have a new picture and everything.
    LOL, your vampire has the same name as me, I love that!

    • You’re the first one to notice the picture! You should get a prize. My vampire was a sweety! Very gentle and very, very good at sucking blood. I missed you commenting!

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