Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | November 8, 2011

thanks for the crap too

Before getting into the gratitude that come to me today, I’ve got to share what the girl child brought home today. Ready? Ta-da!

It’s midterms at the high school so the art projects come home! You can’t really see the feathers so well, but they are kinda cool. Kady, the deer hunter, was deeply, deeply suspicious of the mask. It required much sniffing and circling before it was deemed acceptable to stay in the house.

And the gratitude that came to me since my back is feeling better is to be grateful for the stuff that hurts because it makes me appreciate it when I don’t hurt anymore. It’s like when you are sick and then you finally get better and you are just so happy to be feeling good. The really crappy stuff that happens may or may not in the end lead to something to be grateful for. I can say that in the end, there are things that I can be grateful about from having miscarriages. They have made me more sensitive to others’ pain, more sympathetic to pregnancy issues, and more grateful to have been given the children I do have. While I really, truly do not want to diminish the suffering that people have because sometimes crap is just crap, I think pain can make us better people. I don’t want to be too Pollyanna here so I’m just shutting up now and moving on.

Today’s challenge: I copied the whole thing since it’s a good explanation.
“Envision your number-one goal, and use all five senses to vividly experience it in your mind. For example, if your goal is a promotion at work, how do you feel when you sit in your new chair? What artwork do you see on the walls? How do you interact with your colleagues? If your goal is to get along better with a family member, what does the food taste like at your next holiday get-together? Is there any music playing?”

“Why it matters
Rehearsing for your personal success with visualization is one of the best training tools there is! That’s because mental imagery and visualization have a major impact on the way your brain works. Imagining the sights, sounds, and smells of your dream scenario enhances motivation and builds self-confidence. This can propel you forward and encourage you to work toward your goal.”

So I actually had some trouble thinking of what my number one goal is but then I decided it was to get the sunroom finished sometime in this millennium. So there I am sitting in my new room (having a little trouble with the furniture but it’s a comfortable chair or small squashy sofa) hearing the birds chirping and tweeting and the breeze blowing thru the leaves, smelling the lilacs blooming, holding a new Jennie Crusie, and sipping an iced coffee. Anyone want to join me? There’s at least one more chair there!



  1. Sounds nice. I love a sun room, although where I live now with 360 days of sunshine a year, I don’t need one.
    The idea of fully visualizing your goal makes sense to me. I’m a visual learner. Will have to set some new goals. : )

    • I’ve heard of this with sports (not that I have personal experience!) but not with other goals. It does make sense it would help, though, doesn’t it?

  2. Oh, I’m there. You may need a bunch of chairs to accommodate all of us. Great goal. My #1 goal– it took a minute, but then I realized, it’s to finish my master’s. I’m well over halfway, but still a long ways to go. will visualize. thanks.

    • Oh you’ll make it! Have faith. I think you’re actually at the hardest part when you’ve been working at it for so long and yet the end isn’t quite in sight. But picture yourself at graduation? at a celebratory dinner after? getting a raise because of it? or a new and better job?

  3. I visualize Sweet Pea lying happily on a blanket kicking her legs and waving her arms and not THROWING UP immediately. That would be a goal. Unfortunately it’s one of those stubborn Things Diva Isn’t In Charge Of, of which there should obviously be fewer. But it was a nice image. And the mask looks very cool.

    • I’m doing visualizing for you and Sweet Pea. And I agree, there should be far fewer thing Diva Isn’t in Charge Of – the world would run much, much better! But she does have a cute little rattle. 🙂

  4. I visualize a house elf coming to my rescue …

    • If you get one, lend it to me for a day or two please!

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  6. […] thanks for the crap too ( […]

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