Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | November 7, 2011

in which Karen sees the physical therapist

So nobody wants to talk about themselves, do they? Okay, fine, we’ll just carry on yammering about me then. Although I know you all have gifts even if you don’t want to talk about them. Yes you do!

The physical therapist got me in this morning and it is the same guy I have gone to for 1) when my Achilles tendon had tendinitis ( I was making little whimpery noises ever time I took a step) and for 2) when I strained my shoulder hauling a 21 lb. turkey in a really big pot down the basement stairs to let it brine over night. The turkey was yummy, my shoulder, not so much. Now I make the man do that kind of heavy lifting and any day now the boy child will be able to take it over. So back to our topic: Brian, the PT guy, talks to me for a bit about my symptoms and all and then has me stand in front of him and bend over and bend back and stand in front of him some more. The conversation then goes like this:

Brian: Did you know your hip goes like this? (cocking his hip out to the side)

me: No it doesn’t, I’m standing up straight!

Brian: Nope, it’s going like this. (demonstration again, then adjusting me to make my hips level) There. That is straight. How does it feel?

me: Like I’m sticking my hip out. 

He goes on to explain that given my symptoms and the way I am standing I have a bulging disc and the things I was doing to make it feel better were either not helping or making it worse. He said it is slight and we will be able to correct it easily. So today every hour I have to stand sideways to a wall with my left arm braced on the wall at shoulder height and my right hand on my right hip and push that hip toward the wall 15 times. I have the timer on my phone set to harp sounds so I’ll remember. Once we get the alignment worked out, then we can start on strengthening the muscles to keep it from happening again.

So today’s gratitude is for physical therapy and the insurance that will cover the visits. 😀

Today’s challenge made me laugh: Make one meal today meat free. I mean really? People eat meat at every meal? My breakfast so rarely has meat I can’t remember the last time it did, maybe Christmas morning? Lunch does maybe half the time and dinner about half the time as well.

Somebody comment, please, and give me something to talk about.



  1. God bless physical therapists!! Hope you feel better soon, and that your hip ceases its involuntary hokey-pokey.

    • Me too! Is Sweet Babou’s back any better yet?

      • A bit. He hunches over a computer tho … so it is never “good”.

      • Yeah, that’s just not a natural position to be in for very long, is it? Has he tried those heat wraps? They come in a red box and you wrap it around yourself and they stay hot for an entire day. Like a heating pad you can wear under your clothes. I love and adore them, but not everyone does well with heat.

  2. I went to a physical therapist when I sprained my ankle last year and she was great. I was amazed at what she was able to do. I saw a different physical therapist about 7-8 years ago that said I still walk like I’m pregnant (our younger kid is now 14)– sway back, pelvis tilted forward. I’ve been working on that ever since but I think I still do it.

    I don’t have anything for you to talk about– I can’t even think of anything for ME to talk about! 🙂 I’m trying to blog every day for the month of November. It’s only the 7th and already I’m thinking, what the hell am I going to talk about today?

    • Brian is really, really good at what he does, but he says what really matters is the work the patient puts into it. We’ve talked about how I can deal with pain as long as I know it’s making me better not worse. Since I said I’d blog every day of November with a gratitude and the daily challenge I have that to write but that’s pretty short. Some days stuff comes to me and other days I’m just staring at my computer so I know exactly what you mean.

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