Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | November 6, 2011

this little light of mine

I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. So now you too can have that running around inside your head like me. My kidlets are both in a handbell choir at our church and they played this today. I must say it sounds much better on decently played handbells than in does by little chirpy out of tune sopranos all five or six years old. Not as cute perhaps, but much better.

But it did get me to thinking about how we let our light shine and what exactly is our light. Now I know the song goes on to sing about Satan blowing it out and keeping it shining til Jesus comes, but I’m just going to slide on by those verses and end up with the won’t hide it under a bushel bit. I don’t know what your religious leanings are and while I don’t mind a sentence of sharing, please remember that this is a Hate Free Zone and all beliefs and non-beliefs are tolerated with kindness and Universal Positive Regard.

We are all born with various gifts. Sometimes these are obvious and easy to discover, like an ability to sing. Sometimes they are a bit more subtle, like an ability to truly listen to others. But whatever they are they are meant to be shared, to be celebrated in community with others. Otherwise it’s like us having a flashlight to find our way in the dark, but not turning it on, or hiding it under our coat. Now some people have gifts like searchlights, the kind of gift that leaves the rest of us in awe wishing we could write like that, sing like that, create art like that; but most of us have gifts that are more like flashlights or candles. And, having spent several days in the dark, I’m telling you candles and flashlights are REALLY useful. So let your light shine. Celebrate your gifts. Allow others to see the light of your gifts.

Daily challenge: take five minutes to check the charges on your credit card report. Yeah, yeah, you know you should! Life is much less stressful when you feel like you have a handle on your finances.

Daily gratitude: thanks for the gifts I have like being a really good cook because I love making food for other people and having them enjoy it, like being able to be a good listener to friends who need an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on. Tell me what you’ve got, because I know there are some wonderful gifts out there! And let me know when you’re coming over for dinner so I make enough!



  1. My light is like sparklers … good luck ignoring it and I can’t hid it without setting the bushel on fire :0)

    • *snort!* Oh you just light up the interwebs like fireworks, you do! Indiana probably glows because of you! Fokker gifts: Fokku, excellent rants, keeping us all informed, raising excellent kids, loving Sweet Babou, what am I missing?

  2. You are missing the fact you are every bit as fabulous :0)

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