Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | November 5, 2011

Short but sweet

Today’s gratitude: I am grateful for a really fabulous fish store near us (for the curious I include a link to their site which has many good recipes) and a husband who will stand out in the dark and cold and grill up the fish. Nom, nom. Very simple supper tonight of grilled halibut, brown rice and salad from the garden. I guess the lettuce, being all close to the ground and all, didn’t get too upset over the snow unlike our poor sad trees. The basil, however, is deader than a doornail. Nothing sadder than a basil plant after a frost.

More gratitude is due to my kidlets who took pity on me yesterday and fixed their own dinners, made me dinner and brought it to me on my bed of anguish sofa, and, get this! WASHED ALL THE DISHES! Best. Kids. Ever.

Today’s challenge: Call or email a friend. Emailed a friend who recently moved, but not too far away. So glad we don’t have physical challenges right now!

Back news: thanks for the well-wishes for the back. I went to the doctor this morning and she did just what I wanted – a prescription for muscle relaxants and physical therapy. So I shall be drugged tonight and better tomorrow and the PT guys should help me make this not happen anymore! Or at least not so badly. I can’t take the drugs earlier in the day because muscle relaxants, much like opiate pain relievers, have a fairly emphatic effect on me (read: hit me in the head like a sledgehammer) and I don’t want to be face down on my halibut.

Sad news: that beautiful maple in the front yard that split in last week’s storm is now a pile of firewood. 😦  The tree trimmer guy came by today and informed us that it had lost too much of its water system to be able to live.

Hopefully I won’t be too drugged out tomorrow to post, but if I am just picture me snoozing happily on my little sofa!



  1. Those are some AWESOME kids!!!

    • Oh yeah! They can make me crazy, but they are truly awesome.

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