Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | November 1, 2011

Stormy weather aftermath

Did you miss me? No, don’t answer that!

There is nothing like being without to make you appreciate what you have when it comes back. Yesterday around 10:30 or so the power came back on and for the rest of the day remarks like the following were heard:

Look, I can flush the toilet! And then I can wash my hands. With WARM water!

The lights! They go on and off!!

Internet!! WOO-HOO!!!

I don’t have to pee outside anymore, Mom?

It was an exciting day. And I was glad to be able to get back on the interwebs and catch up with all my people. I have risen much higher in my husband’s books because I was the one who went out and bought a generator and learned how to operate it. The joys of no water in the basement because we could keep the sump pump going coupled with keeping all the frozen stuff from the garden frozen and he was a happy man.

Halloween had a few glitches. The pumpkins never did get carved. I couldn’t face all that mess without being able to wash my hands. Although I adore roasted pumpkin seeds and glory in jack o’ lanterns,  I have trouble dealing with pumpkin guts even when I can wash my hands. But since we only got 2 kids coming to our door, it probably didn’t really matter. For the first time, our kids went off to other neighborhoods to go out with friends so we didn’t even get to trick or treat with them. *sigh* But the amount of candy they brought back is truly astonishing. I’m surprised their arms didn’t fall off from the weight. And what we are going to do with it all is beyond me.

Here are some pictures of the storm damage, but if you keep going there are two happy pictures at the end. (I think the happy pictures got added to the slideshow. Obviously I have to play with this more, but dinner needs to be made and then I have a meeting to go to.)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The best thing that happened today was that I got a package in the mail. It was a bag from Julie!! Lookee how pretty!!

back of bag with my hand showing pocket and size

And today’s challenge: pick up and put away three things. Right now, I don’t really feel like looking back for what I missed while I was gone, but if you want me to I will later – just ask in the comments.



  1. I love trees. That saddened me to think of those gorgeous trees losing their branches. But then I was happy to hear you now have power. Plus, you got a pretty bag. Such mixed emotions. Ha ha.

    • I get a wave of sad every time I see that maple. But then I went out using the bag today, so happy. Isn’t that life? Ups and downs?

  2. Exactly Robena! Oh sad, oh painful, oh worrisome, oh squishy and gross, oh yeah candy, oh fun the bag arrived! Whew, I’m exhausted.

    Thanks for the pictures, I made Dan come over and look. We’ve been following the weather news with all of our East Coasty pals in mind.

    You have no idea how happy I am that you liked those fabric choices and the wee bag. It is fashioned so you can wear the strap across your chest, but if it’s too long just tie a knot in it to shorten it up. Enjoy!!!

    • It hangs at a perfect length off of one shoulder to have my hand rest on it. I’ll probably do the across the chest thing when I’m doing more walking with it instead of in and out errands. You’re awesome! It is so well done.

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