Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | October 27, 2011

about a boy

Twelve years ago I found myself in a car driving to the hospital to have the boy child delivered via c-section. It was odd not to be having contractions, in fact to actively want not to have contractions, and yet to know that a few hours later I would be holding my baby. Being pregnant with him was emotionally fraught. I had already had 3 miscarriages, two due to an immune response which could be sort of but only a little treated and one due to a genetic disorder. I did have the girl child waiting at home so there was a child in my life for which I was extremely grateful, but I really, truly wanted this one too. The immune response could hit at any time during the pregnancy, so there was never a time I felt safe from that. Then I also had placenta previa, which is when the placenta implants over the mouth of the uterus so if your cervix starts to dilate the placenta will tear and everyone gets to die in a welter of blood unless the hospital is like two minutes away. And he was breech. So I spent the entire pregnancy expecting him to die. It took probably four or five months for me to stop expecting to find him lying motionless and cold in his crib. Fortunately for my peace of mind, he was (and is) a wiggler of epic proportions. I never, ever had anything longer than about two or three minutes while pregnant after I could feel him move that I wasn’t feeling him move. He hasn’t stopped yet.

He is an awesome incredible person. He still hugs and kisses me without embarrassment, and hugs everyone else in his family even when they are all cranky (girl child, I’m looking at you!). He is very, very bright and interested in all kinds of things around him. It is a pleasure taking him places because he never does that bored, blase thing that kids can do. He wants to be a scientist, an architect, an engineer who designs and builds houses that make their own electricity; he wants to create things that reduce pollution, that make the world a better, cleaner, safer place. When he was 3 and obsessed with the “mower man,” he worried that the mower man wouldn’t have time to mow his own lawn. Last night he came into my room in tears over a project he is working on in social studies. They are studying the UN’s declaration of the rights of the child and looking at case studies of children who do not have the rights they should. It is making him very sad. He loves to read, particularly fantasy. He is very good at math (must be from his dad!) and is a good athlete.

Yes, his handwriting is atrocious, his mouth can go non-stop for hours, he will play video games forever, he hits things with sticks and is impulsive and messy and occasionally a smart-ass. And he can irritate the living crap out of his sister.

And he is growing up. He is almost as tall as me and I noticed last night while he was playing Wii with his shirt off, he is growing real muscles, not just those stringy kid muscles. More changes are coming soon, I know. There are days I miss that baby, that toddler, that little boy, but mostly I just love watching him grow into the person he is becoming.

Tomorrow I will be five pounds heavier because of him. His birthday supper consists of cheese tortellini with pesto sauce, salad and a homemade peanut butter pie. Do you have any idea of the amount of cream that goes into a peanut butter pie!?!

Which brings me to today’s challenge: share your favorite 3 yellow or orange vegetables. Hmmm. Carrots, obviously. Peppers, while I usually get red, yellow and orange are good as well. Don’t really like summer squash. Do yellow tomatoes count? This is hard because my favorite veggies are green.

And I leave you with a picture of the kid:



  1. He was born on a truly wonderful day! And I have absolutely no doubts that he will grow in to a truly wonderful man. (No, I am NOT partial nor biased. πŸ˜‰ )

    Great tribute to a fabulous person.
    Way to go Mom.
    (We had placenta abruption with Empress, so yeah, that was fun too. But look, none of us died!)

    • My new mantra – nobody died, it was a good day!. Thanks!!

  2. My oldest Goddaughter is a Scorpio … I am partial to the breed πŸ™‚

    He looks like he was worth the effort, and he sounds like an amazing child. I had two miscarriages before Lilo, so I know that fear, although not to the extent you had to. You are a lucky mom to have him; he is lucky he has a mom like you. Must be fate!

    • I think he’s totally amazing – not like I’m biased or anything!

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