Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | October 25, 2011

Ghosts and my tiny mind

See my ghosties? There are four of them around the yard for passing dogs to bark at and children to entertain.There is also a bat and large spider hanging by the front door and five pumpkins waiting for something creative to happen to them.

Today is mess with Karen’s tiny mind day. First there was the ever-changing introduction to the post over at the BettyVerse; then for grocery shopping day they are rearranging the entire freaking store. NOTHING is where is used to be. Well, except the milk, but really? You have to move everything? My little brain muscles hurt. Not even the employees know where stuff is unless you get lucky and ask the one person who moved it. No one knew where the Skippy peanut butter was. Unfortunately I was too distracted trying to find what I wanted to play Tawna’s grocery store game. Click on the link and then when you finish laughing, come on back.

I don’t really have a cold, but I don’t really feel altogether well either. I decided to forgo yoga today and just do my 25 minute Pilates video instead. Something is better than nothing, but I really wasn’t feeling up to the hour of sweat and effort for the class. It’s what my yoga teacher’s husband calls a BTN workout. (Better Than Nothing)

Today is my Southern sister-in-law’s birthday. She deserves an entire post of her own, possibly two or three, just because of the very mixed emotions she elicits. Today I’ll just do one paragraph. To some extent she just perplexes me because she is so very different from me. For one thing, appearance is of paramount importance to her. The very first time she came to the family beach week, I rode down with her in the car and we chatted. This was before she and my brother got married so it has to be five years ago. Anyway, I was saying how casual we are, no one wears make-up there, worries about their clothes, does anything besides wash their hair, to try to let her know that we don’t judge on appearance because we really don’t care what you look like. Five years later, no one has seen her without make-up or carefully blow-dried and straightened hair. I mean it’s the beach. Relax, already!

So, are you ready for Halloween? Do you have perplexing relatives? How often do you wear make-up at the beach? Inquiring minds want to know.



  1. I like your ghosties – they look very cool.

    I only did some gel window things and we’ll carve pumpkins, but I haven’t gone all out since the kids were little.

  2. How far “Southern” is your SIL? Because I knew women/girls like that in Kentucky and Georgia. You were worth exactly as much as your appearance … so they learned to be devoted to it.

    • From what little I know of her mother – the tensest person I ever met – I think that is definitely part of it. She’s from upstate SC, so the same general area.

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