Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | October 23, 2011

Burrito day

After I got into bed last night I realized I hadn’t posted yesterday, I don’t think I even posted any comments on anyone else’s blog. It just got to be a rather busy day ending with – get this! – dinner out with my guy!! It’s been quite a while since the two of us have had a date with no one else along.

In the morning, the boy child and I did a kind of repeat of the Saturday I had with the girl child two weeks ago – a trip to the dog park watching Kady, the Deer Hunter, run with the other dogs, a quick stop in the library and then a short hike. This time on the hike we saw a mini Stonehenge that someone had built on an island/spit in the brook. It was about knee-high. There was also an episode of Pooh sticks, a climb out on a log bridge by the boy and another Tarzan attempt .

The day ended up with the kidlets off to a corn maze and bonfire with the youth group and the man and me off to a restaurant that brews their own beer and has a British pub kind of menu. Fish and chips with malt vinegar, nom, nom!! And a pint of their best bitter, also nom, nom!

Today, in between dropping kids off and picking them up to and from various activities and a quick trip to the farm stand for our pumpkins is being spent on the sofa wrapped like a burrito, sucking on lozenges and drinking lots of liquid. I have that scratchy lung and throat feeling along with what my Southern relatives call “feeling puny” that makes me think a cold may be coming on. I’m hoping that keeping warm and hydrated may ward it off.

For those of you following the daily challenge, yesterday’s was to set the timer for 15 minutes and clean up a spot that is cluttered – a desk, a shelf, etc. Nope, didn’t get this one done. In fact, the very thought of it was depressing. Cleaning is just about dead last on the list of things I like to do. Today’s was to look at the ingredient list on one of your favorite snacks. It doesn’t say what to do after you look at the ingredients, but I suppose it is to get you more aware of the additives in the food you eat. Snack, for me, usually consists of cafe au lait or iced coffee with milk in hot weather and a handful of roasted nuts. So not too bad in the overly-processed food area.

I’m going back to burrito-ville and tomorrow will try to get the Halloween decorations up.



  1. SO glad you guys have punkins. I was worried. Love the mini Stonehenge! More Pooh Sticks is always a good idea. 😉

    Now, dose up on the vitamins and go back to Burrito-ville.

    (Good call on not doing that challenge. Me neither. Ick.)

    • We were a little slow on punkin-getting. I’m not really sure why. Now we have to decide on carvings – traditional faces? cool designs like Dan does? Decisions, decisions . . . 🙂

  2. My challenge yesterday was to get to go to the bathroom by myself and pee in privacy. I lost the challenge.

    • Heh. Gawd I remember those days, and not particularly fondly either. Soon they grow up and get all snarky and eye-rolling – not sure if that’s any better.

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