Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | October 21, 2011


Today, I walked away from the breakfast dishes sitting in the sink, got in my car and drove to New Hope, PA, down winding country roads, past colonial era houses, small farms, trees displaying their gaudy autumn foliage and across the Delaware River. New Hope is a small town on the Delaware connected to Lambertville, NJ by a bridge.

bridge connecting the towns

They both have many old buildings, which are charming, and have become a bit of a tourist mecca with shops and galleries, antique stores and restaurants. Today I ended up just wandering the New Hope side since it got colder, windier and cloudier than I had expected.

view of New Hope from Lambertville

The shops are an eclectic bunch including fine art galleries with art well into the thousands of dollars, galleries with more craft oriented stuff in the more maybe I could afford one thing range, a store called Mystical Times smelling very powerfully of incense, jewelry stores, a store of Irish and Spanish crafts including some gorgeous sweaters, rugs and shawls, several massage parlors, a head shop, a tie-dye store, two stores with clothing from India, a henna tattoo parlor, an adult toy store, a chocolate store, etc. etc. It is totally fun to just wander in and out of the stores, checking out the people as well as the stuff. The people that live there tend to be a bit more colorful than your usual run of suburban or small town types, and the shoppers tend toward the well-heeled look, so it makes for an interesting juxtaposition.

one of the old houses

But then I got cold and tired so home I came.Unfortunately the breakfast dishes were still there. Later, when I asked the family to guess what I did today, the guesses included: play on  the computer, clean something, cook something, read something and go to the grocery store. I must have a really boring life.

Today’s challenge, for those of you keeping up with it, was to try gently to touch your toes, or at least go down as far as you comfortably could. I’ve been trying to do this along with some other stretches on a daily basis, particularly after starting the yoga classes.




  1. That sounds like fun. I went to Curves and then stopped in at a local women’s store to buy a blouse for a black skirt. I spent two hours and came away with a blouse, but it doesn’t go with the black skirt. : )

    • Curves! Yay for you! I have very little patience for clothes shopping. I think I just don’t care that much.

  2. You are right! I would have LOVED to go with you on this field trip!!! (But I’d have gotten stuck in the Mystical Times shop though.)

    My kids would have guessed the same thing at that point, only their other option would have been “garage office” instead of clean something.
    (doing my stretches right now)

    • You definitely would have gotten stuck in Mystical Times. It was a wee little shop crammed full of stuff and smelling powerfully of incense. But no cards I wanted. 😦 and the witches shop was closed. 😦 Go you for doing the stretches!!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful outting.

    ah, the stretcing felt good.

    • More stretches! Any minute now I’ll get off the sofa and do mine.

  4. Hey! I had some more interesting guesses!

    • The funniest was when I said it was something I haven’t done in a long time and Dad said, “you cleaned something?”

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