Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | October 19, 2011

Well test and being stupid

Daily challenge was to encourage a man in your life to make an appointment for a check-up or make an appointment for yourself. I gave myself credit for this because I bugged my man until he did although it was a couple of months ago. But, hey, we’re all caught up on our doctoring!

I hate doing stupid stuff. Let’s back up and start at the beginning. We have well water, and very tasty water it is, too! Every year or so the township organizes a well-test to test for contaminates in your well. We did a complete test when I was pregnant and tested for coliform bacteria, nitrates (can come from fertilizer run-off), lead, arsenic, radon, iron, magnesium, and volatile organic compounds (like oil). Everything was fine, our water was just a little hard, which we knew. Then a few years ago, we did the basic test for coliform and nitrates. Still fine. So now that the hazmat site has been found in the backyard, we decided to do it again. We didn’t need lead, arsenic, radon, iron or magnesium because those won’t have changed, but we did decide to do the rest. At 7 o’clock this morning, there I am finding the only sink without an aerator – the laundry sink – and following the complicated directions. Run water 15 minutes. Wash hands thoroughly. Wash sink and faucet thoroughly. Sterilize faucet by lighting a match and holding it on the end of the faucet. Run water 15 seconds. Fill container. Seal container. Fill next container. Seal container. Fill two test tubes. Seal test tubes. Fill the next two test tubes that have acid in them so you don’t want to get it on you or your clothes, but they need to be filled to the very, very top so no air is in there. Seal them without spilling. Do not drop any of these! Fill out all the labels and wire them to the proper containers. Fill out the paper work. Drive it all down to the township office. Hand it to the nice man. Nice man asks where is the paperwork? This would be the stupid part. Paperwork is sitting on the kitchen table where I filled it out. Drive home. Pick up paperwork. Drive back. Hand it in again. Because I was stupid, I didn’t have time to go ellipticalize either. Now wasn’t that just fascinating reading?

No pretty pictures today since it was a gray and gloomy day.



  1. Not so stupid, at least not alone in your stupid-osity… we’ve all done this. I just did something very similar on Monday:
    brought box to son’s car downtown, planning to leave it in his trunk at the overpark, had even arrived in a timely manner, get out of my car to open his car when I realize… I have the wrong set of gawdamn keys in my hand! No way to unlock his car.

    See, it’s not just you. 😉
    (I could NEVER had followed all of those complicated instructions so carefully, especially the part about not dropping anything.)

    • Picture me in the basement reading the instruction aloud and doing each sentence after reading it. Slowly. Twice. Sometimes three times. It was like being back in chemistry class which I do not remember as being a shining moment in my high school career.

  2. Wow, the second I read ‘do not drop’ I knew I’d have test tubes crashing to the floor. My brain functions that way Don’t seems to mean Do. 😉

    Keep us posted on the testing.

    • It will be a few weeks before we get anything back. And, yeah, I was holding my breath with all those test tubes!

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