Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | October 18, 2011

An excellent start . . .

I always walk my kids to the bus stop in the morning. I find it perplexing how many people drive to the bus stop and then sit there with their car engines running, especially in nice weather. We only live about 1/8th of a mile from the stop so it isn’t like a long walk or anything, but people who live closer than that drive! What’s up with that? Do they not pay for their own gas? Do they not believe in fresh air and exercise? Have they not heard of global warming? Whoops, didn’t mean to start ranting, I’m climbing down off my soapbox now.

So there I am doing my lap of the street with the dog this am when we saw this:





in the western sky and this:

in the eastern sky. It may have been worth being up before the crack of dawn to see such beauty.

No deep thoughts today. I used up all my deep thought energy yesterday. Either that or the yoga class this morning used up all the energy I had for thinking. I really love the way Jen, the yoga teacher, says “for those of you who may have trouble with this pose/movement/position . . .” while carefully not looking pointedly at me. I just sweat and moan gently under my breath.

Today’s challenge was to make at least three trips carrying stuff from one room to another instead of trying to do it all in one trip. I didn’t exactly do this, but I’m giving myself credit since I made two trips to the basement instead of asking the minions to do it for me. Plus, ya know, the yoga class.



  1. Those are lovely photos. Gorgeous. And hey you, yay on the yoga. I went out for a belated birthday lunch. Yikes!

    • Birthday lunches are good too! Friendships increase our well-being. And I’m sure birthday cake helps too!

  2. great pictures. My commute starts before sunrise now, and this morning I got to watch the sun come up over the mountains as I drove. Very nice.

    happy belated birthday, Robena!

    • Thanks! Mountains *sigh* I love looking at the mountains. We’ve really only got hills here.

  3. Very pretty… and if I accidentally saw a sunrise I would totally take its picture too. πŸ˜‰

    • I know, rainbows!! More likely you’d see a sunrise from the other side – on your way to bed!

  4. I’d leave a witty reply, but Spock needs to be held (or she’ll cut me) and I hate typing one-handed!

    • Babies come first, don’t they! and thanks for the email. No worries about lateness.

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