Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | October 14, 2011

Not what I was expecting

This was going to be all about this Daily Challenge thing that an internet friend of mine hooked me into and how it is working with the new and trying to be healthy me, and it probably still will but it won’t start out that way. So there I am feeling all good and happy with myself – I ellipticalized this morning, did some yoga on my own, picked up a well test kit from the township office and hit the grocery store – the little local one – for the two things I forgot to get on Wednesday and needed. Have you ever remembered everything you were supposed to get at the store? I may have done it once, but I can’t remember. So I’m driving home feeling all good and all and turn up my street and see this:

This doesn’t even really get the full impact as it is from the driveway not from the end of the street in which were parked FOUR!!! fire engines AND an ambulance. There was a jeep in my driveway which I wildly swerved around and over the grass to park my car and ran over to find out what tragedy had befallen our street. Turns out that the across the street neighbor – the one with the girls 6 & 4 and twins (boy and girl) just over 1 – smelled gas. Their generator which was in their garage was leaking gas. But everyone is okay. Nothing blew up. I’m sure that shot of adrenaline was good for me. Perhaps by tonight I’ll be able to sleep. So, that was exciting.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming – John, an internet buddy, asked me to join him in the Daily Challenge. I took a short quiz on health habits and then the site emails you a daily challenge to improve your health. I figured if I hated it, I would block it and not do it, but why not try. The first day’s challenge was to do something creative for 10 minutes. I hope playing with the soapsuds and making designs and shapes with them while washing dishes counts. Day two was try a new healthy food, conveniently landing on the day I was shopping anyway, so I picked up soy nuts at the store. Not as good as peanuts or almonds, which are my usual snack nut, but not bad. And definitely good for you. Yesterday was to drive a different way somewhere or do something in a new way, which got postponed to today to take the back roads home from the middle of town. This one was good because I got to get reminded of the farming community this used to be by driving by a number of small farms and the woods this used to be before the pale-complectioned people arrived and started settling here. For those of you who have only flown into Newark or driven on the turnpike, I’ll have you know NJ has some really purty spots. Today’s was use a reusable bag. Well, they live in the car so I use them all the time. Check!

I’m over-sharing this with you because while I thought it would all be about exercise and eat right, I’m finding that the challenges are more about living healthier – mind, body, spirit and remembering that the way you live affects the world around you. I will remember, although not necessarily do, stuff like eat right and exercise, but creative play? Do something a different way? That wouldn’t occur to me. So if you want to join me I’ll just post each day’s challenge here and you can play along or go to the website and sign up if you want.

May you have a healthy and happy day with no firetrucks!



  1. If I saw 4 fire engines and an ambulance NEAR my house I would die. Seriously. I would shit myself to death in fear. My colon would turn inside out and the sepsis would kill me.

    • Well, there was no one home, kids were in school and man at work and dog can’t dial 911 so the panic wasn’t quite what it could have been, but there are definitely a few new gray hairs sprouting out of my head.

  2. Old story, but valid: my dad coming home, we are teenagers, he sees smoke, is passed on the road to our street by firetrucks. This is all happening really too damn close to the vacinity of his house! In the end, not us. Whew! The barn across the street was burning to the ground. He says this is why he’s bald now. (I have no idea where the hell I was, but I certainly wasn’t home at the time.)

    Yes. Please. Continue to over share and to tell us what your daily challenges are. Very cool concept, I am a fan.

    No, we have NEVER come back from a shopping trip of ANY kind and said “we got everything on the list!” Never. Not ever. Generally the way it works is that while we are unloading the bags I’m starting the new list. Of the shit we forgot.

    • Does that look better? 🙂 If you weren’t home, were you over by the barn hiding the matches? 😀

  3. The challenge sounds very interesting.

    I would be so freaked out to see that in my driveway… argh!! Glad everyone is okay.

  4. […] Today’s challenge, for those of you keeping up with it, was to try gently to touch your toes, or at least go down as far as you comfortably could. I’ve been trying to do this along with some other stretches on a daily basis, particularly after starting the yoga classes. […]

  5. […] those of you following the daily challenge, yesterday’s was to set the timer for 15 minutes and clean up a spot that is cluttered […]

  6. […] like a plan. I am going to try something new, which follows from the daily challenge thing I had going on. While doing the Daily Challenge, you can challenge someone else doing it to make a […]

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