Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | October 13, 2011


meaning a mixture, a medley. When we first got Kady, the deer hunter, and people asked what she was, we would reply, “She’s a West Virginia mélange.” Some people laughed, but many looked sort of confused and not willing to admit they had never heard of that breed before. Well, no, you haven’t. We just made it up. She was a rescue puppy from a shelter in WV and was fostered by NJ Puppy Rescue.

So remember the lesson learned about not going to the grocery store hungry? I went hungry again, BUT this time I stopped up in the cafe for lunch before actually shopping. AND had yummy, healthy food – spicy brown rice tuna rolls! Nom-nom. And got to watch this while eating:

This is looking through the decorative railing that surrounds the eating area from which you can look down into part of the store. You can kind of see the bakery section in the background. The temptation to drop something on an unsuspecting shopper who is contemplating the prepared food case is great, but so far has always been resisted. This guy was doing something involving cutting those white pipes. The kids and I tend to imagine really fun movie chase scenes up in these pipes and ducts.

I really like my grocery store (Wegmans). I can get sambel oelek for the Man, who calls it magic sauce, I can get Lyle’s Golden Syrup for a British dessert, lemongrass and bok choy, brie and pate, naan bread and organic ham. They have a huge natural food section, a lot of organic stuff, make a huge effort to get local produce, and do quite a bit of good stuff for the community. And, no, I am receiving no compensation for this. And all the people working there are friendly and happy. They also seem to employ a number of differently abled people – like the cashier in the wheelchair and the Down’s syndrome young man who takes care of bringing the carts back.

I also had a happier day because I was wearing my happy shoes:

All that color is not my usual fashion choice, but, seriously, I dare you to look at these and not smile.

Happiness also ensued because the Man came home from a trip to Germany. He was gone for almost a week, which is shorter than his usual Europe trips, but plenty long enough. So there was a warm someone in my bed to put my cold feet on when I got home from the meeting I had last night. And, he was deeply asleep enough he only made a little grunty noise and didn’t move. And he brought me a present – candied ginger! I love ginger with a deep and abiding passion – not quite sure where that came from with the New England farmer and Long Island oysterman heritage I have, but hey, I’m good with it. It also meant that he could pick up boy child from the cross country meet and I could get to my meeting on time. Cranky as he makes me sometimes, I remain deeply thankful not to be a single parent. Just doing it for a week is really wearing. On the other hand, I’d far rather be a single parent than married to the wrong guy.

Perhaps tomorrow I will manage a more deep and meaningful post, but, for now, this is what I got.



  1. It was plenty meaningful, and now I have Wegmans envy.

    • The very first time I walked in that store, I just got through the produce department and got sensory overload and had to leave. I love to cook, I love to eat and that place just feeds all my addictions. Belgium chocolate! Pistachios in bins! Fresh fish! Some ice cream that was so astonishingly good I have had to delete the name from my memory lest I spend the obscene amount of money it cost and get it again.

  2. It sounds, and looks like an amazing store/market.

    I’m a huge lover of candied ginger. Now I want some. And my mom makes an awesome steamed pudding with golden syrup, it comes out like an upside down cake with the syrup on the top. With hot thin custard, aw man, now I won’t some of that too, but Mom is in Australia. What do you make with syrup?

    • Steamed pudding! Yum! Mom’s about to gift me her mother’s steamed pudding mold since she never uses it, so send me the recipe, please! Last thing I made with golden syrup was Skibo Castle Ginger Crunch which is a bar cookie with a shortbread base and gooey top.

  3. Love your shoes. Also envy your grocery store which has many items of which I have never heard. I was just excited when my local kroger got those la choy crispy noodles…lol that is v exotic for around here.

    • Hi Lora! Thanks for dropping by, although shouldn’t you be napping? 😉 I long to move somewhere less populated, but then I wouldn’t have the excellent food shopping. It’s always trade-offs.

      I want to borrow Sweet Pea for about a half an hour – just long enough to get a new baby fix. I don’t want another baby, but sometimes I miss those baby days.

  4. It was perfectly meaningful, to me anyway. And hey, are those custom Chuck’s like my high tops of awesomeness?! Damn, now we match AND we want to take yoga together…. 😦

    • Not custom – they were a Marimekko fabric and I just really liked the bright patchwork colors. Tell me why do you live in Eugene and me in NJ? Doesn’t seem right.

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