Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | October 11, 2011


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Image via Wikipedia - this is not me!!

I went to my very first yoga class today. And lived to tell the story. For those of you who are yoga aficionados, you can just read this and snicker quietly to yourselves over there in your flexible corner, no snickering out loud in the comments, please!

Boy child takes a gymnastics class, as he has been doing for the last 7 or 8 years ever since he saw his sister doing it, and they had a brochure there for LilaYoga. Pronounced lee-lah. You just walk in for the classes and pay as you go, which I really like. All the other yoga classes around here are part of one of the health clubs or the Y. I’m not opposed to that, I just don’t want to pay all that membership fee to take one class. The class consisted of Jen, the instructor, and two other women and me. Do you remember Gumby? or possibly Mr. Bill, from Saturday Night Live? That was not me. I was more like Humpty-Dumpty does yoga. Jen was very kind and would check that I was okay with the poses and give me alternates for ones I found difficult. Mostly I did just fine, except some trouble holding the pose as long as she did. There was one pose in which you are on one knee and one hand and the other leg kind of curves behind you and you hold your foot with the non-supporting hand. Yeah, I didn’t get it either. And when I tried it all my butt muscles decided to cramp. So I skipped that one. For being so slow-moving and non-aerobic, it was quite tiring and I expect I will have some sore muscles tomorrow. But I really liked the way I felt afterwards, so on Thursday I’m going back for more. If I can move.


I have been watching two squirrels out the back, carefully carrying black walnuts and burying them in the nice dug up dirt from the destruction out there. I really, really hope they aren’t planning their winter survival around those nuts because that dirt will move. I love how they sit on the top of the fence post and flick their tails, and how they chase each other around and around.

Mike, the environmental consultant guy who was here yesterday, just called to tell me the lawyers want my oil tank. As far as I’m concerned, the lawyers are welcome to my oil tank – I sure don’t want it. It is not providing any beauty at all to my view.

Here comes the squirrel again.



  1. I have a DVD of yoga for inflexible people. Even then, I have trouble. It is pathetic. I have all naturally ‘give’ of a ramrod.

    • I dont actually have hamstrings. I just have hams.

  2. Ohmydearfreakingawd I want us to attend a yoga class together so bad it is physically painful (and you know I KNOW of pain right now). Lol, of course that’s YOU in the picture. 😛

    Way cool that it was a small class and Instructor Jen was so kind. Don’t worry, those bushy tailed rodents won’t remember where they buried about 65% of their supplies. Real statistic, or ya know, close to the real one anyway.

    • I would love to go to yoga with you! It’s so much more fun to be tortured if you have a friend along! 😀 I’m about to head off to day 2 of yoga, wish me luck, or stretchiness or something.

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