Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | October 10, 2011

Again with the Pit

Today two nice guys from the environmental company showed up, Mike and Ross. They took pictures of the innards of my sump pump and a sample of water from it, they tried to dig deeper into the shale-y soil we have and get samples of it and the groundwater, they made a map of our house and yard with exciting landmarks like the septic system marked. Ross will be back tomorrow as the water was too slow to seep into his sampling pipe thingy to make enough to fill up his jars. Then we get to wait for two weeks for the lab report. Patience, grasshopper, patience.

On to other news, I did have a date with my elliptical today. Go me! But the snacking is being a definite problem. I think it is stress eating so I need to work on other ways to channel that. Tomorrow I’m starting a yoga class that meets twice a week so perhaps that will help. I’ve never done yoga before so wish me luck. I will be the clumsy one in the back groaning. I hope I like it.

I’m thinking on a post about why I go to church and wondering if it would be a good one for the Bettyverse instead of here. What do you all think? It kind of follows Kimberly’s posts and wanders off in its own directions as well.

I saw the coolest looking VW Beetle today. It’s hood and engine top were glossy black and the rest of it was a glossy purple. Girl child and I were both right in the middle of a chat and we both just stopped and went whoooooaaaa. It was excellent. I’ve got a Volvo wagon that’s coming up on 10 years old and it’s a good car and I like it and it works for us to fit in two kids, two adults, a dog, luggage and the Man’s golf clubs or the kayaks on the roof or the bikes on the back, but it is severely lacking in the coolness factor. Long and long ago, I used to drive a boyfriend’s little red MG Midget. Those were the days. I so don’t want him back, but I’d love to have that car back.

It’s bedtime and the clean sheets that need to be on the bed so I can go to sleep are still sitting here. The house elves are being very delinquent.



  1. How fun about the cool paint job, a “someday” gift I’d love to give my Wee Walnut.

    Oh oh oh, yoga! Yippeee, this is something I’ve wanted to do for ever, hope you love it and it loves you.

  2. I have three kids. I will be driving an uncool minivan until the continents reconnect.

    My house elves are also delinquent. I suspect Hermine Granger snuck them hats when i wasn’t looking, that bushy haired bint.

  3. […] to the Pit of Despair which history you can read here, here, and here. Last week we got the good news/bad news that the groundwater was contaminated. It’s good […]

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