Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | October 8, 2011

Small joys

Today I woke the girl child so very early on a Saturday to come take a hike with me. I had to bribe her with brownies to get her out of the bed at 9:30. The lure of chocolate is very strong. I think it’s genetic. So off we went, first to the dog park. It is just such a happy sight to see 12 or so dogs of all shapes and sizes and colors bouncing around, running in large circles, leaping on and over each other, chasing, being chased, all with wildly waving tails. No pictures are available of this delightful episode because there was just too much action going on to even think of fishing my phone out and trying to capture it. That tired Kady out enough to allow us a quick trip to the library next door.

Is my stick first?

Then it was off to the park. There is a nice park in the town with the county library that has a good playground I used to bring the kids to when they were younger. The tire swing was a particular favorite. There is a ball field, a pavilion with tables and a walking trail. On the other side of the street is a nature preserve with trails, which is where we hiked. We started along the stream, then over the bridge with a stop for a quick game of Pooh sticks, and then up the hill.

There was much sniffing of interesting smells by Kady, and admiration of the leaves turning gold and burgundy, orange and yellow by the girl child and me.


At the top of the hill was a grape vine hanging over the trail that had been cut. It was probably an inch or more in diameter and was just perfect for:

          Swinging like Tarzan!!!

I hope your day contained some joyous moments as well.



  1. Pooh Sticks!!!! Oh I miss my tiny kids so much some days. On the plus side, I got to go sit with my baby girl today, she who is 22 years old now…. still, Pooh Sticks.

    Great pictures, thank you so much for sharing them. But seriously, wouldn’t all that freaking nature have waited for you both? Just askin’ -brownies or not, that’s pretty damn early. 😉

    • I just typed a whole reply and didn’t hit the reply button and now my pearls of wisdom are lost forever. *sigh* Reasons to go early: got hot later and I really hate being all hot; friend was taking cat to vet to be put down in afternoon and needed girl child to babysit and me to hand-hold. So we had morning joy and afternoon sad and a quiet evening. Balance. And the brownies were fabulous.

  2. Pictures are wonderful.
    The G-kids do Pooh Sticks in the creek behind the house. Lots of fun.

  3. I have played pooh sticks with all my Godchildren, and now with my daughters. Pooh sticks is a tiny piece of nirvana.

    • I find it both funny and sweet that we still need to do the things we did when she was five, like pooh sticks at that bridge.

  4. […] the morning, the boy child and I did a kind of repeat of the Saturday I had with the girl child two weeks ago – a trip to the dog park watching Kady, the Deer Hunter, run with the other dogs, a quick stop in […]

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