Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | October 5, 2011

Lessons and a walk

Lessons I learned yesterday:

1. don’t go to the grocery store already hungry and cranky. It will result in food being bought that I don’t need (mmmm, cashews, mmmm, apple spice bread, mmmmm, chocolate croissant) and it will result in every damn thing pissing me off. See yesterday’s post for full crankiness.

2. When having work done on your house, even when the workers haven’t been able to be there in a week and have said they won’t be there for several more days, don’t believe them. Keep the bathroom blinds closed. Yes, that was me, nekkid as a jaybird framed neatly in the bathroom window realizing that there was a backhoe doing its digging thing RIGHT THERE! Either John the Builder is oblivious (possible and I like this explanation) or he is a gentleman (not a bad explanation but I like the first one better) because not by word or look did he let on that he might have seen a bit more of me than expected.

Our house backs up to a line of woods and then, behind the trees, fields belonging to a sheep farm, so usually it’s only the sheep that might get flashed.

Would you please walk faster! I know there are deer out there!

Kady, the deer hunter, and I went on a new hike today.

It started behind the town’s ball fields and continued through fields and woods up to a mountain.The fields used to belong to a farm and have been preserved by the township as open space. The dedication to preserving open space is one of the things I like best about where I live.  BTW, if you live somewhere with real mountains, don’t snicker. We did not make it up the mountain since we ran out of time, but we saw some nice things. Autumn leaves are starting to happen; the fields are full of goldenrod, knapweed and asters; and we took a side path to see this old dam.

Along the way, I picked up a passenger:
That is a praying mantis who seem to like my sweatpant clad leg as a vantage point. It was a little hard to dislodge, but I wasn’t really comfortable as a means of transportation for it.

Maybe I can see the deer better from the bench?

When we got home, Kady had to have a hosing off, which she despises, but since there had been some rolling in some odoriferous material, it had to happen. That on her face is called a Gentle Leader which is supposed to teach dogs not to pull. So far it has taught her not to pull so much that my arm is four inches longer than the other.

Sunbeam as drying method



  1. I love this post. Really felt I was there on the walk with you. And yep, have had a similar experience with workmen. The painters never said they were ready to do the upstairs balconey off the master bedroom (prior home) and I was stretched out on the bed taking a nap when a little Asian face appeared at the window above the sliders. Hee hee. At least I did have clothes on.

    • It was just such a perfect fall day here I couldn’t pass up a walk out in it. And those blinds are SHUT and going to stay that way until it is all over and done! Thanks for stopping by, Robena!

  2. I love that rock wall so much! Ooooh history, fun. But wait, I am sure you DID need cashews. I know I do right now. Excellent snack choice.

    Wow, sorry about that bonus eye-full though.

    • We got all kinds of history here in NJ. I’m thinking about a post of the cool houses in the next town. Or Revolutionary war sites. Or pre-Colonial houses in our town.

      I DID need cashews. I just didn’t need to eat the entire can of them in two day. Urp.

  3. I sure that if the builder saw anything he will treasure the memory and write yearning poems about it that he hides from his non-understanding friends in his hard hat.

    • I lurves you with a deep and abiding lurve. Nuff said.

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