Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | October 1, 2011

Yesterday was a busy day

So I sat down here last night at my little laptop, which my family calls my baby since I love it, and clicked on new post and stared at the blank page for a while. It unfortunately mirrored my brain. After some mutual staring and nothing appearing in either place, I went to bed instead. My day yesterday went like this:

up at 5:55, toss on clothes (yay for cool enough to wear sweats!) downstairs to let dog out, set out 4 breakfasts, let dog in, feed dog, make two lunches, eat part of breakfast, walk girl child and dog to bus stop, walk home, collect boy child, wrestle garbage down to curb with said child (how did we get so much this week??) walk boy child to bus stop, walk lap and a half of street, home for rest of breakfast, coffee, and internet.

Make homemade sauce for lasagna from tomatoes and puree canned from our garden. Wash dishes. Make banana bread. Wash dishes. Make brownies. Wash dishes.

Eat lunch. Go to store to pick up ricotta cheese for lasagna and 3 bags of apples for boy child’s cross country team meet. Drive to friend’s house, help sort, drag and price stuff for garage sale for 2 hours.

Drive home. Wash apples. Load up apples, previously purchased boxes of chips and dog. Drive to middle school 3 miles north. Drop off food. Tell kid to run fast. Drive 10 miles south to high school to pick up girl child from cross country practice. Wait half an hour. Girl child runs to car to say coach is not letting them in locker room because not everyone is done with run. Friend offers to bring girl child home. Say thank you. Drive 10 miles north to middle school where meet is done. Didn’t get to see boy run. Bring boy home.

Make lasagna in two pans, stick one in oven and one in freezer, give girl child directions on finishing baking and what table needs for setting. Drive boy child 7 miles south to gymnastics. Read and glare at boy child when goofing off instead of following directions. Drive home. Eat yummy dinner. Get to have a glass of wine!

Wish desperately for house elf. None appear. Deep sigh. Wash all the dishes. Find sofa. Stare at computer.

Don’t I have a fascinating life? While busy, most of it was fine except for the washing of dishes and the driving back and forth on our county highway so many times. I like to cook and I like being able to be there for friends and family when they need help. But I was pretty damn tired by the end of it.



  1. I had those days, for years and years and years. Not quite that much cooking, and I wasn’t really awake, but some mornings I WAS up, and often even dressed!

    Ya done good. No one died. And many folks were fed.

    • If I could do without the driving so much and the washing of dishes, I’d be just fine. But yes, no one died, many ate.

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