Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | September 27, 2011

She doesn’t LOOK like a killer

Dog on leash. Check. Sneakers on. Check. Ready for walk. (please note, no coffee in system yet!) Open door. Dog, who weighs all of 35 lbs., flies out the door with the velocity of a rocket-launched heat-seeking missile after the innocent deer in the yard. My face slams into the doorway and I lose the leash. Dog, Kady, takes down the deer who starts squalling like a sick sheep. Kady, the deadly dog, is silent on her mission. And her mouth was full of deer throat. Not wishing to have actual carnage in my yard, in spite of my dislike of the deer who eat all decorative plants, I stumble to the writhing, squalling mass of deer and dog. Grab leash and pull. Like pulling on the Rock of Gibralter. Edge closer, trying not to get kicked by frantically kicking and squalling deer and pry dog’s jaws apart. Deer scrambles up, dog leaps and takes deer down again. Grab leash, scruff of neck and pry jaws apart again. (not completely sure how I did that with only two hands, but see preceding note on no coffee. this is a flurry of blurry action here) Deer again scrambles to feet and runs away. Leash wrapped around both hands, I drag unwilling, howling, struggling dog back inside. Wash deer blood and mud off. Ewwww. Find ibuprofen. Find icepack. Spend next half hour recovering by lying on sofa listening to dog yowling looking for a way to get out for her venison dinner/breakfast.

No walk today. Gonna exercise with the Wii instead.

So, how was your morning?

“How do I get this door open and fulfill my mission?”




  1. What a beautiful dog!

    Think of it this way: the deer went back to its deer buddies and said “don’t go NEAR that house! A HUGE, RAVENOUS, EVIL WOLF-DOG lives there. I didn’t see it coming. Look what it did to my throat!!!!

    And maybe the deer will make long detours around your house and leave your plants alone!

    I am totally impressed by your dog’s confidence and obvious abilities, and with your ability to thwart your dog, no matter how difficult it was. You did amazingly well. Good for you! Have some wine and chocolate.

    • Thanks, Skye! The deer has some communication issues because this afternoon there was another one sleeping under one of our trees! đŸ˜¦ Kady is sweet with people, especially me, but is very definitely a hunter when it comes to rabbits and deer. She was holding the deer down by the throat and I think expected me to come along and dispatch the deer so we could all have venison for dinner. It was a grave disappointment to her when I wrestled her off of the deer and back into the house.

  2. In our new dog-less yard it has become a freaking deer highway. May I borrow Kady for a day or so? Does she also chase cats? Cuz I need a few of those taken care of too.
    p.s. I hope you do revist that other topic, about how everyone needs to pay their fair share. Good post, sorry I was tardy.

    • She definitely chases cats. The problem is that she chases things as far as she can run which is very, very far indeed and we live one block away from a very busy county highway. If we could somehow train her to chase the animals out of the yard and no farther it would be great.

      Yeah, I’ll get back to that other post at some point. Too much real life here.

  3. Your pup is beautiful. I have heard that if you hang dial soap in your yard the deer will stay away because they don’t like the smell. Don’t know if it is true or not, but might be something to try.

    • I’ve heard that Irish Spring soap works. Two acres is a lot of soap!

  4. […] art projects come home! You can’t really see the feathers so well, but they are kinda cool. Kady, the deer hunter, was deeply, deeply suspicious of the mask. It required much sniffing and circling before it was […]

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