Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | September 24, 2011


Why am I awake and twitchy at 1:40 am? I should be sleeping. I have to be up at 6 to take girl child to her cross country meet. grrrrr. My dr. said this was part of peri-menopause and that exercise would help. So I exercised today. The elliptical and I got together. I did most of what I could remember from my Pilates dvd since the kids had the day off of school, it was raining and they had commandeered the dvd player for HP7, part 1. And I meditated. And I ate healthy food. Maybe I should go back to couch potato-hood and cookies?Probably not, but it pisses me off not to sleep because I know I will feel like crap tomorrow/today. Why do I always type today so it reads toady?

But when I came down to noodle on the computer instead of toss and turn, I find that the Fokker, blessed be her name, has tracked down the Diva and ascertained that Diva did have her baby and while Sweet Pea is in the NICU all should be well. So, yay, happy birthday Sweet Pea! Welcome to the joys of motherhood, Diva!

Yesterday was a bad day for older mothers, it seems. Two friends lost their moms yesterday. It just hurts my heart to think of that love and support being gone from me, even as I still, at age 48, find things I won’t do because of mom. Like move to Alaska, since it would kill her to have me so far away.

I’m not sure I really like how this blog looks. Monday, when peace and quiet one again reign in my house for a few hours, I’m going to play around with it and see if I can figure out how to do more stuff. Like put the blogs I follow (hi, Julie!) on the side bar. Any suggestions from the 5 people who seem to visit so far? Hellooooo, is there anyone out there? Never feels like there’s anyone out there in the middle of the night. I want more pictures on here.



  1. Toady…. lol. I do that with several words, but not this one. Funny.

    Oh yes!!! So glad that we’ve confirmed something having to do with Lora, thank you for the news.

    Another ironic thing, this is the exact “theme” I started blogging with, and loved it. I only changed to Coraline because my Hurricane said I could have three columns and it might be more flexible for what I wanted to do. (Later she also said that it has become a huge freaking mess, but oh well, it’s MY mess.) Sadly, I hate the font at my place, and miss this one a lot.

    Pictures and blog rolls are super simple, if I can do this, anyone can! The key is to poke around and ask for help. WordPress is wonderful about supporting us. E-mail them with any question, but ya know, maybe go through the tutorials and instructions first. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    p.s. The menopause monster is vastly under-discussed. I REALLY miss our forum for this exact reason.

  2. I made it through menopause with the help of Estroven (?) I think is how you spell it. It is with the vitamins at the store. My friend who is going through it right now says that they even have a night time version of it and that is helping her.

    Toady. Awesmoe. and I just typed Awesome wrong. I think I just made up a new word. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I either type the totally backwards or it comes out teh…

    Thanks for the update of Diva.

    • I’ll have to go look it up. I think I’m at the beginnings of peri-menopause – getting more irregular, feeling crankier, face breaking out again, insomnia, hot flashes, all fun stuff. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And thanks for stopping in and commenting.

  3. I like your blog! I read back to the beginning and can relate in many ways. Trying to exercise and eat healthy foods, yes, intolerant, judgmental relative, yes. Sunroom, no – but I love seeing how other people’s projects are coming. Are you on the Betty Blog list?

    • Thanks for stopping by, Merry! I’ll do more on the sunroom in a day or two. And yes, Alastair just emailed me that I’m on the blog list. Yippee!

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