Posted by: Karen (Betty Bear) | September 19, 2011

Healthy, day one

Survived the weekend with committing mayhem on anyone. My tongue still hurts from biting it instead of leaping across the table and strangling my father-in-law while shouting “you stupid self-absorbed asshat” at him as he calmly 1) complained that medication costs too much (he has Money. Really.) and 2) when I commented that it was good he could afford it instead of many who can’t, said that we don’t really have poor people in America, since they can all afford cars, televisions and refrigerators so they really CAN afford medication. I poured another glass of wine. You all should be proud.

Okay, so far today I have done my Pilates workout and will be taking the dog for a long hike to avoid the sound of the jackhammers right outside my backdoor as they destroy the ugly concrete slab there in preparation for new and (hopefully) beautiful things.

view from kitchen door - jackhammers at work

I also tried to meditate for five whole minutes (before the jackhammers arrived). Since I have a mind like a flea or possibly like the ball inside a pinball machine, this took some effort. However, it is something I really want to stick with as I really need the calming and centering. I figure I’ll get better with practice.


Hike was 2.6 miles but felt longer because of the hills. But it was a beautiful day and I was out it in. Fall is just around the corner

I don’t know if you can see the ivy leaves in the tree that are starting to change color. I do love the colors of fall and that the humidity and heat of summer have let up.



  1. Just keep telling yourself that that is the sound of progress. And oh man, such great things yet to come.

    Wow, you deserve more than just more wine for surviving THAT visit. ๐Ÿ˜•

    Quiet Mind time DOES get easier, and it really will lead to some amazing things/thoughts/insights/experiences.

    Yay for your awesome autumnal wander! (Thanks for including pictures too.)

  2. Quiet mind time? What’s that? I have to go try it again. Thanks for stopping in!

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